Government Asset Valuations

Griffin Valuation Advisory have extensive experience with Government Asset Valuations including State Government Agencies and Local Government Authorities, having successfully completed a comprehensive range of asset portfolio valuations, including over 120 local authorities in the metropolitan and country regions of Western Australia.

Government Asset Valuations Requirements

We undertake valuations for all valuation requirements, these include;

  • Insurance Purposes
    • Replacement
    • Reinstatement
    • Indemnity Value
    • Loss Assessment.
  • Financial Reporting
    • Fair Value for Financial Reporting Purposes (AASB13 Fair Value Measurement & AASB116 Property, Plant & Equipment)
    • Impairment Value for Financial Reporting Purposes (AASB136)
    • Investment Property (AASB140)
  • Market Value
    • Market Value for Acquisition and Divestment
    • Market Rental Values
    • Competitive Neutrality Revenue Purposes
  • Asset Management
    • Building Compartmentalisation
    • Building & Improvement Condition Assessment
    • Asset Register Reconstruction and Reconciliation
    • Data Cleansing
    • Asset Bar Coding

Local Government Tangible Asset Classes

Griffin Valuation Advisory offer experience undertaking valuations for all Local Government tangible asset classes, including

  • Building Assets
  • Improvement Assets (reticulation, structures etc.)
  • Land & Building Assets
  • Heritage Properties
  • Vacant Land Assets
  • Park & Reserve Assets
  • Infrastructure Assets (bridges, jetties, boat ramps etc.)
  • Airports (runways, terminals etc.)
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Waste Recycling Facility Assets
  • Playground Assets
  • Plant & Equipment (Contents) Assets
  • Mobile Plant Assets

WALGA Preferred Supplier – Valuation Services

Griffin Valuation Advisory are pleased to have been selected as a preferred supplier to the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) Asset Management Panel, specifically for Valuation Services.