Our Asset Valuation Services

Griffin Valuation Advisory comprehensive asset valuation services cover the key asset classes of plant and equipment, specialist property and infrastructure. Our experience covers the many types of tangible assets encountered within these broad classes as well as the varied purposes of valuation, ensuring that the unique requirements of your valuation project are understood and appreciated.

Our services are delivered by senior staff that possesses comprehensive skills and experience to match your specific valuation requirements.

When working with Griffin Valuation Advisory you will receive clear and detailed answers from a well-managed valuation project that is delivered by highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand your business and the detailed nature of your assets.

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Our Services Cover a Range of Asset Valuation Purposes, including;
Indemnity Value
Loss assessment
Financial Reporting Compliance
Fair Value measurement (AASB 13)
Fair Value – Property, Plant & Equipment (AASB 116)
Assets held for Sale (AASB 5)
Impairment Value (AASB 136)
Investment Property (AASB 140)
Leases (AASB 16)
Mergers and Acquisitions
Due dilligence
Transactional advice
Purchase price allocation
Stamp duty
Rating and taxing
Tax consolidation
Market Value
Market Value
Market Rental Value
Asset Management
Detailed asset componentization
Asset condition ratings
Asset register reconstruction and reconciliation/data cleansing
Asset bar coding